Sera Marine Reef Salt

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Highest quality premium marine salt similar to nature

The new sera marin reef salt is a highest quality premium marine salt similar to nature for splendid reefs. It is blended from single components and ensures pollutants can by all means be excluded. The constantly high quality reduces stress during water changes.

  • Even the requirements of the most fastidious invertebrates, such as stony corals, are being fulfilled. Deficiencies are efficiently avoided.
  • sera marin reef salt contains all required macro and trace elements, which in marine organisms have key functions in the skeleton growth of invertebrates and in the production of enzymes and color pigments.
  • Easily and quickly soluble due to fine grain size and using pure single components.

Recommended dosage

Dissolve in dechlorinated tap water or water purified by reverse osmosis [4.4 oz./US gal. (33 g/l)]. The salt can be used in the aquarium immediately after brief aeration and vigorous stirring. Use a hydrometer (density meter), refractometer or conductivity meter for adjusting the density (1.022 – 1.024 or 48 – 52 mS/cm). Avoid density variations during water changes and do not prepare concentrated solutions. Never dissolve sea salt directly in the aquarium but in a suitable plastic container! Recommended water change 5 – 10% per week for best results. Use sera aquatan for removing chlorine compounds from the tap water used for preparation, and regularly sera marin bio reefclear for improving the general environment.

1.3kg treats 40 liters of water

20kg treats 600 liters of water

Kh = 10
Ca = 430mg
Mg = 1200mg
PO4 = 0
NO3 = 0
SiO3 = 0
LW = 45mS
Li = Present
K = Present
Rb = Present



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