Sera Chlor•Ex - Removes chlorine and chloramines

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Removes chlorine and chloramines

For the quick and safe removal of harmful substances such as chlorine, chloramines and ammonium in freshwater and marine aquariums. sera chlor•ex conditions tap water to fish friendly, healthy  aquarium water.

Chlor•Ex is a complete and concentrated conditioner for both fresh and salt water. 

Chlor•Ex removes chlorine, chloramine and ammonia and converts ammonia into a safe and non-toxic form.

A single 100 mL bottle will treat 4000 Liters of water! 

100 mL treats 4000 Liters of tap water.
250 mL treats 10,000 Liters of tap water.
500 mL treats 20,000 Liters of tap water
2500 mL treats 100,000 Liters of tap water.
5000 mL treats 200,000 Liters of tap water.

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