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Carefully selected herbal and animal ingredients - such as Gammarus, which is rich in trace elements and carotenoids - make an attractive, easily digestible food that supports healthy growth, disease resistance as well as the liveliness of these beautiful fish.

Due to its high quality ingredients such as wheat germ (4%), omega fatty acids and mannan oligosaccharides the food is excellently digestible and provides even very fastidious fancy variants with all required nutrients.

The fish thus grow strongly without fattening, and disease resistance is enhanced. The floating granules keep their shape for a long time and do not pollute the water.

The balanced and easily digestible composition with valuable ingredients such as Spirulina (10%) supports the natural color formation of the splendid animals in a directed way. The colors become stronger, purer and are clearly separated from each other.

The Sera range will help maintain crystal clear water in that the food retains its shape and wont decay. It is also absorbed greater in that less waste is produced by the fish. 

This sample pack of the complete range includes;

Sera Goldy flakes 10g
Sera Goldy Granules 15g  
Sera Spirulina Colour Granules 20g 

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