Turtle Rescue Support

I have always loved keeping turtles and the enjoyment they can bring. 

Sadly, however, new keepers don't truly understand the husbandry requirements for keeping such animals.

Scales and Tails is a proud sponsor of the Christchurch located rescue group that takes in turtles from all over New Zealand that are lost, sick and sometimes a combination of both!

This lovely organisation is a one women team who takes countless hours to help these little creatures on their journey back to health and to a forever home. She does this out of the kindness of her heart and is willing to answer countless questions from turtle keepers across New Zealand.

So, to give back to her and thank her for her contribution to keeping these mishandled turtles and giving them a second lease on life we are a proud sponsor of the Sera Turtle range.

We want to take the financial pressure off Donna a little bit and she has many many mouths to feed in her ponds and aquariums down in Christchurch.

So we want to encourage you to help her out as well. 

If you purchase any turtle food product from our range including 'Reptimineral C' we will provide you with a 10% discount on your turtle food order and 10% off any food you donate.

If you don't own a turtle but still want to donate to a worthy cause use the same discount and receive 10% off your order as well!

Example, if you purchase a 207g container of Raffy P for yourself and a 50g container of Raffy P for a donation you will receive a 10% discount on your whole order! Simple as that!

On checkout simply use the code TurtleRescue

Once a fortnight we will gather all the orders and ship them down to Christchurch to help Donna feed those hungry critters. 

The rest of your order will ship out as per usual to your nominated address. 

Please indicate in the comment box on checkout which product you would like to donate. 

If there is no indication on what product you would like to donate it may cause delays in your order being shipped out. 

From us and Donna we would like to thank you of any donations you make to a truly worthy cause!