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This Reef Revolution Starter Pack will put you in the right direction for a healthy happy marine system! Australian made products from locally sourced ingredients (Including the packaging!) these solutions are made to the highest standards!

This pack contains a free 2.2kg bucket of either SPS or Reef Probiotic salt! Just let us know in the comment box!

1 x 120g of Poly Feast

1 x 100mls of Amino Blast

1 x 100mls of Bio Blast

Separately these items would cost $244.56!


Polyp Feast

A concentrated blend of specifically selected marine plankton strains that have been sustainably aquacultured to have no impact on the world’s oceans. Polyp Feast contains particles of various sizes, feeding all corals with a high protein diet. Gives great polyp extension whilst also feeding corals for accelerated growth and better coloration.

Reef Revolution Polyp Feast is a carefully selected mix of zooplankton. Polyp Feast is designed to stimulate corals feeding response. Polyp Feast will increase the photosynthesis process in the coral and boosting Zooxanthellae population for optimal coral growth and coloration. Polyp Feast can be used with all filter feeding coral.
Amino Blast

Specifically formulated blend of synthetic essential amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates and fatty acids. Amino Blast combines these all into one additive to boost coral growth, enhance coloration and repair coral tissue. Amino acids are an essential component of thriving reefs, but corals themselves only produce a percentage of what is required.

Amino Blast from Reef Revolution is an easy method of supplementing and replenishing essential amino acids for a thriving coral reef.

Amino Blast is a highly concentrated blend of essential amino acids, vitamins, carbohydrates & fatty acids for accelerated growth, tissue growth & coloration, next to producing amino acids via biosynthesis Amino Blast supplies essential amino acids that the corals would obtain from seawater.

Formulated to keep nutrients down and will not affect Protein Skimmer.

100mL bottle treats 20,000 Liters of aquarium water. 


Pro-Bio Blast

A concentrated blend of nitrifying and denitrifying bacterial strains in one easy to use bottle. Promotes a healthy bacterial base for stability and coral consumption.
Ideal for establishing new tanks, replenishing bacteria lost from disrupting substrate or media, re-establishing bacteria lost from treatments and reducing nutrients leading to algae growth.

Pro-Bio Blast can be used to accelerate the cycling process on a new Aquarium.

The highly concentrated blend of nitrifying & denitrifying bacteria strains to maintain stability and quickly converts NH3>NO2-N02> NO3 then N03>Nitrogen Gas, best used as a daily probiotic to keep a healthy bacteria population & to promote stable parameters to avoid fish death & coral bleaching. Suitable for all types of Marine Aquariums.

Treats 10,000 Liters of aquarium water.

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