Sera ImmunPro Breeders Nutrition

ImmunPro is another groundbreaking innovation success by sera in the ornamental fish food range. This excellent ornamental fish food for the first time contains the intestinal flora stabilizer Bacillus subtilis, recommended by the European authority for food safety, for use in ornamental fish food, as to improve growth and food utilization.

The optimized usability of the food lastingly supports the quick, even development and the health of the fish. The strengthened animals become ill considerably less frequently. 

Sera Cichlids

Carefully selected ingredients are formulated to make unique pellets for varying species of Cichlids. The balanced nutrition supports the liveliness and healthy development of the fish. The granules are particularly tasty, have an excellent digestibility and support healthy development and coloration. The slowly sinking granules keep their shape very well and do not pollute the water. Enthusiastically accepted even by extremely choosy predatory fish.